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Status Update: 8/12/13 Featured

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The following is an update for TSP as of 8/12/13.

To be honest, we're behind a bit. The summer months had more than expected from day jobs, and personal lives. Now that summer is over, we're knuckling down. This has allowed us to do things like secure more artwork and that for Into the Maelstrom, as well as get a clear and concise list of goals still needed. But a few changes have had to be made.

New Position:
Merry Wilson has stepped in as a project manager moving forward. Someone to keep track of goals and poke people who are falling behind. This is something we sorely needed. Thanks to her, we're starting after the summer vacation season with a full on goal list already setup for Into the Maelstrom.

Into the Maelstrom Release Push Back, as well Vigilum Custodum:
We're currently looking at a first quarter 2014 release for Into the Maelstrom, with Vigilum Custodum to follow.

Old World Order - On Hold:
We've hit a slight speed bump (or series of them) for the 3rd book in our release schedule, Old World Order. As of right now we're pulling it off our shelf until this is corrected and everything is lined up.

Babylon Omega - So far no change.
So far no change on Babylon Omega's development. This is in side project status right now, but once Into the Maelstrom is out, it'll become a priority for more than half the team to work on it more full time. This will still be done via a crowd-funding method, such as Kickstarter. We'd expect the kickstarter, or similar, early next year post release of Into the Maelstrom. With the delays for Old World Order, it has been pushed up to the #3 position.

-RJ Stewart
President & Owner of TaleSmith Productions

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