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What We're Working On as of 4/25/13 Featured

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With work picking up in the TaleSmith Productions design studio, we thought it'd be a good time to actually update people on just what we're working on, how those projects are developing, and what we see on the horizon for the future.


Project #1: Into the Maelstrom

Our first book is going to be a superhero genre villain book. I know, I know, cliche, right? Well, therein lies the advantage of having experienced gamers behind our desks. Our writers at TSP are taking extra care to make sure that the villains we create for you aren't just comic book rehashes.

Picture this: Seven genetically engineered half-sisters are born all across the world to a father with a vision of genetic perfection. Dr. Dieter Eberstarke is a former Nazi eugenics researcher with a penchant for self-experimentation and a plan to rule the world- by proxy. Seven sisters born in seven carefully chosen regions of the world are groomed from birth to share his vision and carry out his plan: pull all the strings, and the world will fall at your feet. Each sister has her own realm of expertise- business, government, and industry, all the way from local politicians to arms production to the world's food supply.

When you put them all together, you get Maelstrom: a supervillain group that is as versatile as it is intelligent, able to operate in stealth as well as it is in broad daylight, and packing enough smarts and muscle to force your scheming little gamer minds to work really hard to take them down.

This book will detail our 7 primary villains (each sister is a carefully researched character, tied intricately to the culture she represents); the lieutenants who oversee their operations (plus details on their operations and tactics); and adventure ideas and write ups for 3 different superhero genre systems, so you can take the Maelstrom with you no matter what system you're using.

Art has already been previewed for what's completed so far, all done by the Comicbookist (@comicbookist on Twitter). As this is our first book, its production costs are all coming out of pocket.

The Systems: Mutants & Masterminds 3E, SUPERS!, and Bulletproof Blues

Current Estimated Release Date: Late July 2013

At this time we are planning a PDF digital release through One Book Shelf (RPGNow & Drive Thru RPG) as well as Amazon and through this site, here.

Project #2: Vigilum Custodium - Those Who Watch The Watchmen

Look at today's world. Look at the ideas and concepts in many super-powered comic book series. You want high tech? We have phones today that are so much more powerful than what put man on the moon, in terms of raw computing power. And even in the world of comic books, a certain stretchy scientist in the Marvel Universe developed a computer tablet in comics... way back in the 1980's.

Flip your perspective: in today's world, if a particular iconic DC hero, the very one who puts the "super" in superhero, were to jump into that phone booth and change his clothes to his costume, it would be on YouTube from some random uploader who filmed it on their iPhone in the time it would take to hit "upload."

Vigilum Custodium will detail the social networking world for a super powered campaign, and a collective organization known as "The Grigori"</ 

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