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Acolmiztl (M&M, Supers!, Bulletproof Blues)

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Acolmiztl - Anti-hero (Possible Villain) -PL 14

Identity: Secret
Real Name: Inez Herrera Occupation: Scientist (Industrial Robotics), Political Activist Languages Spoken: English, Mexican (Native), Nahuatl (Aztec)
Acolmiztl Image by: Storn Cook

Character History & Backstory:

Inez Herrera was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico to a father who was a relatively high ranking government official and his mouse of a wife. She excelled in school, and got her PhD at the age of 23 from Caltech on a student visa to the United States. But for being as smart as she is, maybe even superhuman smart, she's always held a grudge.She was raised by a large family with ties to the Chicano Movement and was brought up believing that the country known as Atzlan had been invaded by the Europeans and that Mexico was a product of this 'contamination'.

For much of her adult life she has worked side by side with the government on projects to try to help Mexico achieve new leads in automation to help the car manufactures from the United States that had moved a lot of their factories for the cheap labor and production costs associated with the area. She was fine with this arrangement, and still is relatively today, until one day an American hero was chasing his nemesis south of the border.

They ended up in Mexico City, in the very factory she was working at, installing a new control system she'd designed when the two duelist came crashing through the walls. Inéz witnessed as the two destroyed everything in the factory she had worked on. the hero just as much as the villain in this instance. Picking up things and beating each other with them until the villain was subdued... but not by the Hero, but by Inéz activating the control program for the robotic arms on the assembly line that still remained. When it was all said and done though, the Hero claimed all the credit. It was like she'd not done anything to help him. To top it off, the government refused to go after the hero for compensation to the parts of her project that had been destroyed, and the car company's insurance refused to pay her as well... the company abandoned the factory and moved to a different one elsewhere in Mexico. Inéz fumed at the way the gringos had treated her, her country and her work in that order. She swore to find a way to pay them back.First she used her wealth to buy the old factory and rebuild it as an urban fortress disguised as a research and development firm, Mictlantech. The next thing she did was decided to make a hero for the Atzlan movement, taking the name of the Aztec god of the dead and designing a suit of armor that could grant it's wearer the abilities to fight for her country. The armor was designed with a male in mind, someone she would hire. But, the next time a super threat had threatened her new home city, she hadn't anyone to use it. Her own pride took over, and being as that she could fit in the armor, she donned it and went off to fight the invader. she won that fight, and the ones to follow. However, her temper and personal belief have got her in trouble a few times. She has no complications with killing the others, or making speeches about how Mexico should expel the Anglos, and revert back to its true heritage. Many of the world governments have actually classified Acolmiztl as a terrorist. The United Nations has actually condemned Mexico for refusing the bring 'him" in after the death of an American hero that lost his life after trying to work with Acolmiztl on a case, in which 'he' not only refused to work with the American, but many who saw the film of the incident, know that the death wasn't accidental as the Mexican government has decided that it would be considered to be on their official reports.


Mutants & Masterminds Stats

6 2 7 2 6 9 3 6
Advantages Skills
Agile Feint
Security Clearance 3: Defense Contractor
Benefit, Wealth 3(millionare)
Defensive Roll
Eidetic Memory
Equipment 6
Improved Initiative 2
Languages 2
Move-by Action
Ranged Attack 4
Speed of Thought
Acrobatics 1 (+8)
Athletics 1 (+7)
Close Combat: Death Blow Affect | Damage 13 2 (+8)
Expertise: Computer Programing 3 (+12)
Expertise: Robotics 3 (+12)
Insight 6 (+9)
Intimidation 2 (+8)
Ranged Combat: "Death Blasters": Blast 13 2 (+10/+4)
Technology 4 (+13)
Offense Defense
Initiative +17
Death Blow Affect (Close Attack): Damage 13, +8 (DC 28)
Grab, +6 (DC Spec 16)
"Death Blasters" (Hands of Armor): Blast 13, +14 (DC 28)
Throw, +3 (DC 21)
Unarmed, +8 (DC 21)
Dodge 9 Parry 8 Fortitude 9/3 Toughness 13/12 Will 8
Languages Complications
Nahuatl (Aztec)
Hatred (Extremist Aztlaner Chicano): Acolmizti is a traditional Aztlaner movement Chicano, born in Mexico City. She fully believes that Europeans and Anglos should leave Mexico and it should be returned to it's former name and glory.

Identity: Inéz Herrera - State sponsored scientist in Mexico City.Designer of Industrial Robotics.

Obsession: Extremist Atzlaner movement.Temper: Short fuse, especially if she thinks she's being talked down to by someone who is not a true Atzlaner.

MictlanTech Building (See Below)
Armor Abilities (All are on whenever Armor is worn) (Included powers marked by **)
**Armor Plating: Protection 10 (Linked; Removable, technological, +10 Toughness; Impervious)
**Armored Fortitude: Enhanced Trait 6 (Linked; Removable, technological, Fortitude +6 (+9))
**Enhanced Agility: Enhanced Agility 5 (Linked; Removable, technological, +5 AGL, Advantages: Agile Feint, Evasion, Improved Initiative 2)
**Enhanced Strength: Enhanced Strength 6 (Linked; Removable, technological, +6 STR)
**Improved Fighting: Enhanced Fighting 4 (Linked; Removable, technological, +4 FGT)
**Improved Presence: Enhanced Presence 4 (Linked; Removable, technological, +4 PRE)
**Sealed Environment: Immunity 15 (Linked; Removable, Life Support, Sensory Affliction Effects)
**Tactical Computer: Enhanced Trait 5.5 (Linked; Removable, Ranged Combat +6 (+10), Perception +5 (+8))

Armor Offensive Capabilities (Removable, Included powers marked by --)
--Death Blow Affect (Close in Attack): Damage 13 (radiation, technological, DC 28; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank)
--"Death Blasters" (Hand of Armor): Blast 13 (radiation, technological, DC 28; Affects Insubstantial 2: full rank, Penetrating 5)
--Phase Shifting: Insubstantial 4 ({0 active, 0/25 PP, 5/r-1}, radiation, technological, Incorporeal; Precise, Progressive; Absent Strength, Activation: move action)
--Stealth Mode: Concealment 8 ({0 active, 0/25 PP, 1/r}, technological, All Aural Senses, All Visual Senses, Other Sense: Radar/Radio, Other Sense: Sonar; Passive)

Sealed Rockets: Flight 9 (Removable, Speed: 1000 miles/hour, 2 miles/round; Aquatic)
Power Points
Abilities 42 + Powers 123 + Advantages 22 + Skills 12 (24 ranks) + Defenses 11= 208 (PL 14)


MictlanTech Building - PL 14

Toughness 14, Size Large, Downtown Mexico City, Mexico location
Combat Simulator
Concealed 3
Defense System
Fire Prevention System
Holding Cells
Living Space
Power System
Security System 3

Bulletproof Blues Stats

Brawn 5 (1) Endurance 10 (6)
Agility 6 (2) Plot Points 1
Reason 7    
Perception 4 Character Points Spent 95
Willpower 5 Base of Operations Mexico City
Prowess 3 Range of Operations Regional
Accuracy 6 (2)    


Skills Advantages
Background Skills: - Computing -- Computer Programming -Science -- Robotics (Expertise)Typical Skills: Athletics - Acrobatics Combat Culture - Mexican/Aztlaner history Engineering Investigation Manipulations - Intimidation Connected Headquarters Mental Calculator Wealthy
Motivation Complications
Anger Justice Pride
For all three, see the history section of this write up.
Enemy: United States based hero or team.
Vulnerability: All of Acolmiztl's powers and physical increased attributes come from her armor, and they are non-existant, or normal athletic human female without them.
Armor Movement & Protections Immunity 6 -Sealed Systems (Asphysxia, Pathogens, Poisons, Radiation, Exposure (Cold), Exposure (Heat)) - 6pts Flight 4 -Sealed RocketsSpeed: Mach 1, work in water (aquatic) - 8 pts Invulnerability 6 - Armor plating - 6 pts Super Senses 5 - Night Vision, Ultraviolet Vision, Sonar, Radar, Enhanced Hearing - 5 ptsArmor Combat & Other Powers Blast 6 -"Death Blast" Radiation - 6 pts Strike 4 - "Death Blow" Radiation - 4 pts Invisibility - 8 - "Stealth Mode", Cannot attack while on. Cannot affect others, vs. sight, hearing, radar - 8pts Intangibility 9 - Phase Shifting (Radiation Based), Cannot affect others, cannot attack while power is on- 7 pts
Attributes 36 + Skills 5 + Advantages 4 + Powers 50 = 95

    SUPERS! Stats

  Rating Aptitude Rating
Composure 2D Fighting 3D
Fortitude 4D (1D) Investigation 3D
Reaction 3D (1D) Presence 2D
Will 3D Shooting 2D
ADS & DISADS Streetwise 2D
Ads: Allies Vehicles 2D
Ads: Hideout    
Ads: I brought this along    
Ads: Wealthy    
Disad: Disreputable    
Disads: Rage    
Disads: Enemy (American Hero)    
Disads: Secrets (Government/Aztlaner Movement)    

* = Only while in ARMOR

Power Rating Notes/Boosts/Complications
Armor Powers (*All Devices)    
* Armor 4D  
*Flight 8D Speed: 350 mph, Boost: Aquatic "Sealed Rockets"
*Life Support 3D  
*Super Strength 4D Lift: 8 Tons
*Super Senses 3D Distant Vision, Detail Vision, Night Sight, IR Vision, Radar Sense, Direction Sense
Armor Combat & Other Powers    
- Energy Control (Radiation) 6D Effect: Radiation, Complication: Damage only, Device: Armor "Death Blasts"
-Super Weapon 5D Effect: Radiation, Device, "Death Blow", Touch Attack
-Insubstantiality 3D Effect: Phase Shift (Radiation), Device, Requires an action to prepare.
-Invisibility 4D Effect: Stealth Mode. Works vs. Visual, Radar, Sonar, Audible, Device, Can't attack while in stealth mode (+1D to cost total after all boosts & complications for 5D)
Super Brain 5D Academia & Technology @ 5D Specializations: Computer Programing & Robitcs
Super Science 3D Total 8D w/ Super Brain & Super Science


Cost Resistances 7D + Aptitudes 8D+ Powers + 38D Ads/Disads 0D =55D Competency Pool 0D

Credits Concept, Character Design, Stat writeups: RJ Stewart Image: Storn Cook (via Louis Porter Jr. Designs Image Portfolio Series)

Download M&M PDF Character Sheet

Download Herolab .POR File for M&M

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