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Status Update: 8/12/13

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The following is an update for TSP as of 8/12/13.

To be honest, we're behind a bit. The summer months had more than expected from day jobs, and personal lives. Now that summer is over, we're knuckling down. This has allowed us to do things like secure more artwork and that for Into the Maelstrom, as well as get a clear and concise list of goals still needed. But a few changes have had to be made.

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We are now a d20pfsrd.com E-store Affiliate

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We are now an affiliate with the d20pfsrd.com e-store. Get your books through them. And our own books will be sold through there (as well as others) once they're ready. Use the link along the right hand side of the site here. Or here.

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What We're Working On as of 4/25/13

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With work picking up in the TaleSmith Productions design studio, we thought it'd be a good time to actually update people on just what we're working on, how those projects are developing, and what we see on the horizon for the future.

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The Good & the Bad of March 4th

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Start off with what would be the bad right off: R.I.P. E. Gary Gygax who passed 5 years ago today. Without him, the Roleplaying Game hobby would not be what it is today. All of those who came after him, used the foundation he started.

(And some good!) But in his  honor, those that know this... it's GM's Day. Our own stuff isn't out yet, so sadly I can't say "buy our stuff for your favorite GM"... but support the hobby any way you can. Play a good game tonight, and if you can... go check out sites like Lulu.com, rpgnow.com and DriveThruRPG and check things out. I know DriveThruRPG has a 8 day long sale going on for pages of stuff for GM's day. Check out the rpg's up at Kickstarter too, that need help to make someone's dream a reality. Even $1 can help many of those projects.

(and back to the bad)And if feeling more charitable, for those that might not have heard, Ernie Gygax Jr's house burnt down a few weeks back, loosing everything. there are a few sites out there helping out with auctions and donations to help a man who's trying to continue his father's legacy some links here: Google Search; Facebook Page and of course, Gygax Magazine just released it's first issue... so look for it on any of your sites and maybe pick it up.

Support the hobby, and if I do say so myself... buy INDY if you can.

-RJ Stewart